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June 27-30, 2023

The 2023 Delta Waterfowl Expo was a huge success! We were honored to not only be invited as an exhibitor at the Expo in Little Rock, Arkansas this year, but to also make Ultimate Outdoor Oven presentations on the Delta Waterfowl Stage. Many thanks to everyone who stopped by to shop or just have a chat at our booth! Big things are coming our way, so stay tuned!


The Ultimate Outdoor Oven will soon be available in stores! Check back here and on our Facebook page for updates.

Daily Sentinal News Article:
"Local Inventors Introduce New Product"

April 4, 2015


Local inventors John Paul Lambert and Jay Holcomb recently announced the availability of the finished product of their invention, The Ultimate Outdoor Oven by Duck Blind Bistro, to the public. Based in Stevenson, the pair’s three years of design and fine-tuning have produced a unique piece of cookware that is perfect for use on practically all heating surfaces, inside or outside.

“It’s really one-of-a-kind. There’s nothing else available like this. In fact, we have a patent pending on our oven and are registering for a trademark,” Lambert said. “The Ultimate Outdoor Oven is designed and constructed for years of use, like any fine cookware. We approached this to be specifically for outdoor use. It’s perfect for hunters, campers, hikers, survivalists- any outdoor enthusiasts. But our oven works just as well for almost all interior home cooking.” Subscribers CLICK HERE for the full article.

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