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"I bought the duck blind bistro for my brother. He is an avid duck hunter. He and his buddies loved it!"

M Carter

"Love it! Works great! Never seen anything that was so easy to cook biscuits in outdoors!"

L McCrary

"I love that I can cook a meal in one pan on any heating element and clean up in a minutes time. Great for a bad weather situation too!!"

H Epperson

"You can make just about any thing with the ultimate outdoor oven over a fire, over a stove, just about anything, it's all really good"

JL Lambert

"My wife surprised me with one of these 3-4 seasons is a true crowd pleaser. Just be prepared to bring it to the blind on every hunt!!!"

B Howey

"Cooks good biscuits but endless possibilities of other stuff to cook too."

S Weeks

"My husband and his friends love using their duck blind bistro. They probably do more eating in the blind than duck hunting!"

L Weeks

"The best gift I have given to my duck hunter."

C Porter

"The best biscuit cooker on the market!"

D Garner

Happy customer with sausage biscuit
Happy customers frying bacon
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